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“Akihabara” -A Sacred Place of the Subcultures-


Akihabara is definitely a sacred place of the subcultures. It is also well known as the world’s leading “Electric Town”. It receives a great number of visitors everyday who would like to buy electronic goods not only from throughout Japan but also from all over the world.
This is exactly what is a “world-class”. In other words, Akihabara is a town where people can buy any kinds of electronic goods at cheap price.

Shops that handles a lot of consumer electronics which can work for overseas specifications are thriving by foreign tourists. Especially, a lot of Chinese tourists visit Akihabara by a taxi or a large-sized bus to buy a large amount of daily necessities and home appliances.

On the other hand, Akihabara is well known globally as “a town of subcultures and mania” such as anime (animation), manga (comics), game, *a maid cafe, etc….

*-A maid Cafe-

[ In a maid cafe, waitresses dressed in maid clothes behave like a servant of the private home and the customer receives a treatment as her master.

One of the typical scenery at a maid cafe is that a maid greets a customer with words of “Welcome home, my master!!!” at the time of the entering. In the case of female customer, it should be “my madam!!!.

Along with the spread of the maid cafe in Japan, same kind of cafes have started to open in the countries such as China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Czechoslovakia, Mexico, Canada, United States,etc. ]

The term of “Akiba-Style“ was born in the mid-2000s as a generic term for people who gather at Akihabara and “Akihabara culture”.

From the beginning of 21st century when Japan’s contents industry has become keen to export their products to overseas, people of countries other than Japan were also interested in “anime” and “manga” and started to visit “Akihabara”.

“Akihabara” definitely represents one aspect of Japan.

It is the place to visit when you are in Tokyo even if you are not a fan for subcultures!!!

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