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“American Ninja Warrior” (Sasuke) – A boom in the USA –



The “SASUKE” is a special TV program of sports entertainment which is broadcast from time to time by Japanese TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.) in Japan.

“SASUKE” is actually very popular in Japan. 

“SASUKE” is like an action game what participants are required to clear 4 stages (1st, 2nd, 3rd & Final) in a huge athletic field which has a variety of obstacles.

 Popularity of “SASUKE” is not limited only to Japan. It has been well received by a lot of countries. In fact, It has already been broadcast in 157 countries and regions in total.

 “American Ninja Warrior Season6” (ANW6 : US version of SASUKE)  is currently broadcast with NBC in the USA as a regular program from 21:00 to 23:00 on Monday.

 “ANW6” broadcast in July 21 has received the highest audience rating in the same time zone in the USA.

 Furthermore, “ANW6” has received the highest audience rating for an audience group of 18-49 age of men and women in the broadcast of July 21.

 In terms of an audience rating, “ANW6” has exceeded a popular drama of  「24」which is also broadcast in the same time zone in the USA. “ANW6” became so popular that some US media cover a story about “Ninja won Jack Bauer”!!!

 It is Monday today. Let’s enjoy watching “ANW6” with your family!!!



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