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“Japanese Culture”

Siro-A, a Japanese dance performer

Siro-A, a Japanese dance performers caught attention in “America’s got talent” will perfor … Read More


Boys gossip that girls look 30% prettier when they wear yukata in the summer time. Girls g … Read More


Fireworks has a strong feeling of summer for Japanese unlike in other countries; for examp … Read More

Japanese Summer festivals

Visiting Summer Festivals: Natsu-Matsuri There are many seasonal festivities in Japan … Read More

Gassho zukuri

Gassho zukuri: Wave of Foreign Travelers to Rustic Village of Aikura Gong of a temple b … Read More

Ambiguity and Abbreviation in the Japanese Language

Japanese is a language that leaves statements vague, sometimes leaving important key words … Read More

Yomeiri – Brides Entering Into the Household

Yomeiri – Brides Entering Into the Household of the Groom and Love for Daughters In Jap … Read More

Colors in Japan: Name of Colors

Layered Kimono Colors in the Summer and Its Meaning: Tachibana and Hana-Tachibana: Fash … Read More

Thank you gift for special occasions: Hikidemono

It is a common practice to return someone’s favor or thoughts by sending gifts after a cer … Read More

Eating Organic: Using Organic Plates Colored Using Ash

Eating organic and clothing in organic material has been a recent popular trend. It is how … Read More


Motsunabe is a hot pot cooking using internal organs of cow which is called motsu. Motsu i…

Kiriboshi daikon

Kiriboshi daikon is a dried preserved food made of daikon, Japanese white radish, and is o…

Udon noodles

Udon is a thick noodles made from flour. There are several theories of the origin of udon.…