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“Japanese Tradition”


Boys gossip that girls look 30% prettier when they wear yukata in the summer time. Girls g … Read More


Fireworks has a strong feeling of summer for Japanese unlike in other countries; for examp … Read More

Japanese Summer festivals

Visiting Summer Festivals: Natsu-Matsuri There are many seasonal festivities in Japan … Read More

Gassho zukuri

Gassho zukuri: Wave of Foreign Travelers to Rustic Village of Aikura Gong of a temple b … Read More

Yomeiri – Brides Entering Into the Household

Yomeiri – Brides Entering Into the Household of the Groom and Love for Daughters In Jap … Read More

Thank you gift for special occasions: Hikidemono

It is a common practice to return someone’s favor or thoughts by sending gifts after a cer … Read More

Randoseru: Back Pack for Children and Growth of Japanese Economy

It is a typical afternoon to see elementary school boys playing rock-paper-scissors and th … Read More

What Happened to “Boy’s Day”? May 5: Celebrating Children’s Day

As unfair as it seems, there is no official Boy’s Day celebration in Japan. Although March … Read More

“Bonsai” – An Aspect of Japanese Cultural Value

  - Nature in a tray - ”Bonsai” is a dwarfed ornamental tree or shrub grown in a tr … Read More

“Japonism” : An Aspect of Japanese Cultural Values

   - Fusion of the East and the West -  Japonism (Japonisme in French) is a term fo … Read More

Gyoza dumplings

Gyoza is a dumpling that derived from China. Gyoza dumplings is now a popular food among J…

Kanazawa Haku (Kanaza…

Today's blog is all about "Kanazawa Gold Leaf". The beginning of this traditional art rem…

“Tenugui” (A Japanese…

“Tenugui” is made of cotton. From antiquity down to the present, hand towels have been …