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“Japanese Traditional Crafts”

Kyo Ningyo (Japanese dolls)

Dolls are seen all over the world, and some have been thought to possess magical power to … Read More

Isesaki Kasuri

Kasuri, yarn-dyed silk kimono with splashed patterns, is seen all around Japan. Talking ab … Read More

Okuaizu Amikomi Zaiku (basket made by vines or grasses)

As the name Oku suggests, this craft is produced in a mountainous area surrounded by deep … Read More

Kaba Zaiku (cherry bark works)

The art was developed and produced particularly in Kakunodate area in Akita prefecture, no … Read More

Hon Shiozawa (silk crepe)

Hon Shiozawa, also known as Shiozawa Omeshi, is produced in Uonuma area in Niigata prefect … Read More

Johoji Lacquer Ware

Johoji occupies 60% share of domestically produced Japanese lacquer. Placed in Ninohe city … Read More

Kyo Uchiwa

Uchiwa, Japanese style casual fan, is known as one of the attributions of the summer in Ja … Read More

Mikawachi Pottery

Mikawachi town is in the west side of Saga prefecture, just next to Nagasaki prefecture an … Read More

Odawara Lacquerware

There are many types of Japanese lacquer wares with beautiful scattered or inlayed gold an … Read More

Tosa Washi (Japanese paper)

Tosa is an old name for Kochi prefecture in Shikoku. Tosa Washi has been produced since lo … Read More

Takayama Chasen (tea …

This is what many people think of when they heard “tea ceremony”, a tea artist whisking a …

Kiso Lacquer Ware

In Nagano prefecture, there are plenty of Japanese cypresses, katsura trees, and Japanese …

Kyo Hyogu

What do you come up with when you hear “Japanese style”? Houses made by wood and paper…