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Curry rice


Curry rice is a popular dish in Japan which thick curry is poured on the side of rice. Curry rice is considered a national dish in Japan, and kids get excited when curry rice is served at school lunch. Curry rice was first introduced to Japan in the Meiji period.

India has the origin of curry cuisine culture, where the curry sauce is thin, and uses indica rice, or nan bread. On the other hand, curry in Japan uses thick sauce with sticky rice. When an Indian person eats Japanese curry rice, he or she reacts that the dish is so delicious, and wonders what it is. This is because there are definite differences between Indian curry and Japanese curry.

The Bengal region in India use indica rice with curry, and the governor-general of Bengal, when England ruled over India, brought back curry spices and rice to England and introduced curry rice. Curry mix powder was invented in England, which does not require mixing spices, and curry was thickened by using flour. Curry using curry mix and flour was introduced to Japan by England.

Curry rice in Japan normally use ingredients such as carrot, potato, and onion. Instant curry mix is now a standard product to make curry rice at home, and the most popular type of curry mix comes in solid bar, which can be easily broken into small square pieces.

In the beginning of Meiji period (1868-1912), curry rice could only be eaten at limited restaurants, but nowadays, curry is served at even small restaurants, and there are also many curry speciality stores. Curry speciality stores started serving curry with variety of cutlet using pork, chicken, or beef. Curry served with cutlet is now a popular dish served at many restaurants.

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