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Daifuku is a Japanese sweets consisting of rice cake usually filled with azuki sweet red bean paste. It uses finely pound rice cake, and the filling is usually about the same or more amount of the rice cake skin. It usually come in about 1.2 inch diameter or palm size. It is often covered with starch powder, which prevents the skin from sticking to each other, or to the hands. It is usually eaten raw, but some people bake it or put in azuki red bean soup.

Grounded mugwort leaves are often added to the skin, which makes the color of the skin green, is called yomogi-daifuku. Daifuku is sometimes colored with red food additives which makes the skin pale pink. Red and white are the colors which is believed to bring good luck in Japan, and white and pink one called kohaku-daifuku (紅白大福) is often served at cerebrations.

When red peas or soy beans are added to the skin, it is called mame-daifuku meaning bean one. In the Kansai region, it is also called mame-mochi, mochi meaning rice cake. The volume of the rice cake, the chewy beans, and the moistness of the filling are the characteristics of mame-daifuku. There are old traditional stores that sell mame-daifuku where people make long lines, but on the other hand, it can easily be bought at convenient stores too.

There are various fillings used for daifuku, for example, strawberry and custard cream. Daifuku that use whole strawberry as a filling is called ichigo-daifuku, ichigo meaning strawberry. Pudding-daifuku or custard-daifuku use filling which the texture is in between pudding and custard cream. There is also coffee-daifuku, which added coffee flavor to azuki bean paste.

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