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”Depa-chika” – What arouses your appetite –


In Japanese, “depa-chika” refers to the basement floors of a department store where the delicatessen sections are usually located.
I can assert that nobody is fled from magical power of “Dapa-chika”. Because, I myself is fascinated by that magic almost every day!!!

“Depa-chika” is always full of a large number of visitors.

It is amazing that food & beverage account for approximately 30% of total amount of department stores’ sales.

Japanese like “Depa-chika” without any exception. This is because “Depa-chika” satisfies the appetite of all kinds of gourmet.
Delicatessen, Box lunches and Sweets are mainly sold at “Depa-chika”.
Japanese food, Chinese food, curry, Vietnamese food…, anything is available.

“Depa-chika” is usually located at the basement floors.
Many department stores have the food section at the basement floors. This is because it is lower-cost to install the facilities on water, electricity, gas, etc. at the basement floors.

It also gives visitors a easy access to “Depa-chika” from a subway. In the case of Mitsukoshi Ginza Department Store that directly connects to a subway station, around 35% of visitors enter the Department Store from the basement floors.

The venue where you should come by all means if you come to Japan is “Depa-chika” of a “Food Wonderland”.!!!

Why don’t you try to put your favorite delicatessen on this cool plate to experience Japanese “Depa-chika” !!!

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