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Eating Organic: Using Organic Plates Colored Using Ash


Eating organic and clothing in organic material has been a recent popular trend. It is how people choose to live in hopes to detox their body from artificial chemical and any other unnatural compounds.

Despite their efforts, many living an organic lifestyle tend to overlook that some colored dishes contain harmful chemicals that will remain if not baked enough in high temperature.

What should organic eaters do? The answer is to find organic plates.

“During my first years, I did not question using chemicals to achieve the intended color,” says a potter from a kama-moto, or potter house, of Chuai-yaki. He realized the harm chemicals may be to the body and stopped using chemicals for color. Instead, ash from crops and fruits are now used to produce color: ashes from apple, tangerine, Japanese green soybean, to name a few.

You would expect that ash from tangerine would make a pot orange, but no; tangerine ash produces deep pastel blue. Because ashes are not available as a ready-made goods at stores, potters ask farms to keep the ashes when burning their crops.

In many cases, farmers just let crops rot so potters would go to the farm, burn the crops themselves (given permission from the farm), and bring back the ashes to their kama、a kiln. Even though colors on each pottery are somewhat inconsistent after pots are baked, that actually gives the fine aesthetic of Japanese pottery.

The pottery you buy may not me Arita-yaki or Kutani-yaki, the famous Japanese Traditional Crafts, but drinking milk poured in an organic cup or eating fish from an organic plate will make you feel more confident of the organic food you bring to your mouth.

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