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Echigo Sanjo Hammer-forged Cutting Tools : Japanese Cutting Knife


The highly skilled free forging enables the various, sharp-edge cutting tools produced from a mass of metal. It’s not about only knives and scissors, but carpenter’s tools, such as planes, chisels, pliers, and nails and farming tools, like hatchets, sickles, and broadaxes, too.

 From this lineup, you can see how much the art has supported the life in Japan since early Edo period. The manufacturing of Japanese nails was firstly introduced by Tokugawa shogunate to save the poor farmers in Sanjo area, the center of Echigo area (current Niigata prefecture) where had difficulties in flood control.

The art not only supported the lives of those farmers, and even more, those nails contributed to the Japanese style architecture. Without the art and plentiful production in Echigo, there wouldn’t be the Edo city where became the world-largest metropolis in late 19th century.

Now, Sanjo city is famous for metal tools including Japanese Cutting Knife not only about free forging. But this traditional art can certainly give the tools, even one small pare of garden shears, special quality of sharpness and litheness. 

Echigo Sanjo Hammer-forged Cutting Tools was designated as Traditional Craft by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) in 2009.

Why don’t you try to use Japanese Cutting Knife for cooking !

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