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“Edamame” (green soy beans) -A booming in the USA-


Now, unprecedented boom of “Washoku” (Japanese cuisine) is taking place in the United States. Especially, consumption of “green soybean” has skyrocketed in particular.

”Edamame” is called “green soy beans” or “edamame” in English. It is served as a basic appetizers at Japanese style taverns in the major cities like New York. “Edamame” is also available for Asian food and organic food stores.

Among the keywords on Japanese cuisine that were searched from Google outside Japan from January to November last year, “Edamame” was ranked No.2 in terms of the quantity for the search.

Most notably, what was ranked at No.2 was the “Edamame”, not the generic word of “soybean”.

“Edamame” is now recognized as “Edamame” globally!!!

As for the number of search, “Edamane” followed “Sushi”(No.1) and put major Japanese cuisine such as “Ramen”(No.3), “Sashimi”(No.4), “Tempura” (No.5) behind.

“Edamame” is actually soy beans which are harvested within the immature. People usually eat it by boiling with salt.

“Edamame” is now attracting a lot of attention globally as a healthy diet which includes
calcium and protein.

In1999, FDA (Food and Drug Administration)authorized the health indication of “If you intake 25g of soy protein per day, it lowers the risk of heart disease” and this set the fire to the “Soy bean-boom” in the USA.

If you keep eating “Edamame”, you might be able to become as skinny as Japanese!!!

Please enjoy “Edamame” with this cool bowl crafted by a Japanese artisan.

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