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Exhibition Information – RINPA: the Aesthetic of the Capital (news)


One of the great arts,Rinpa, which represent Japan is now showing its beauty at Kyoto National Museum.

Rinpa, established by Honami Koetsu and Tawaraya Sotatsu but involved many famous artists in the later Azuchimomoyama period to the early Edo period for its development, is featured by its decorativeness and the tendency toward complicated designs and compositions.

Even Rinpa artists were supported by Tokugawa Ieyasu, they had their own community in Kyoto and devoted themselves to novel art; however, strangely, large scale exhibition for Rinpa art has not been held in Kyoto until this one.

In the exhibition, various forms of arts will be shown to you such as drawings, calligraphies, potteries, lacquer wares, and textiles created by Rinpa artists. They include 5 national treasures such as the folding screens of Wind God and Thunder God by Tawaraya Sotatsu, and 36 important cultural properties like the folding screens of Flowering Plants of Summer and Autumn by Sakai Hoichi.

Please be noted that some of the exhibited works will be changed in the first and the second halves. You can check it on the website (http://rinpa.exhn.jp/doc/schedule_rinpa.pdf, Japanese only).
There will be special lectures on every Saturday during the exhibition in addition to museum forums and academic discussions.

The exhibition will be held until November 23, Monday. Please see the official website for the detailed information for visitors (http://rinpa.exhn.jp/en.html).

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