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Glassware Arare


Glassware Arare

Japan Marche Staff Blog: Good Drink Deserves to Be Poured in Quality Glass
“[C]utting patterns without any guidelines on the translucent colored glass.”

I have many types of glass in my cabinet because my friends know me very well and give me presents that makes me happy –glass for weekend drinking. Beer glass, beer mug, red and white wine glass of various sizes, Japanese sake ochoko, Japanese sake glass, shochu rock glass, etc. the list goes on. However, what I have yet to add to my collection is designed cut glass. My eye is set on owning beautiful Edo Kiriko cut glass.

Not only is it beautiful, the story to its attractiveness is appealing. When you cut a piece of paper, are you confident enough to make the right pattern without drawing in lines first as guidelines? Let alone not being able to see where you are cutting? These cut glass craftsmen is doing exactly what is mentioned above –cutting patterns without any guidelines on the translucent colored glass.

Pour yourself a glass of Japanese sake into these cut glass –the movement of the liquid will accessorize the countertop with colored patterns. Enjoy your drink with your tongue and eyes.

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