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Glassware Futachoko Waterfall


Glassware Futachoko Waterfall


Title: Cool Stripe for Cool drinks

“The appearance is full of nuance, but the shape is simple”

Edo Kiriko Glass is known for its thinness compared to Satsuma Kiriko. And the decoration is more delicate. The narrow stripes of this product are especially a result of sensitive cuttings. If this one is colored green, probably it looks like a bamboo forest in spring, under the sunlight, sunbeams filtered through the bamboo leaves sparkle on the ground.

But this one is in red, like a running, or even rushing water as the name Takishima (waterfall stripe) suggest. This waterfall may be surrounded by red maple leaves or plum flowers. Or maybe the warm atmosphere of sunset is illuminating the scene. Whichever, this glass gives us a feeling of both energetic feeling and splashing smartness.

Probably clear cold drinks suite for this glassware, like reishu (cold Japanese sake) or white wine. Umeshu (Japanese sour sweet plum wine) on the rock may be nice for an aperitif. The clear sound made by this thin glass and ice cubes will assure you a satisfied off-time.

Talking about cold, it may be a good idea to use this glass for sweets like sherbet or ice cream. Serving custard pudding or jelly also sounds fun. The cover will do a great job when you store the sweets with this glass in a fridge to prevent from absorbing the smell of the fridge.

The appearance is full of nuance, but the shape is simple and actually quite useful. It will certainly add a happy time to your life.

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