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Hiyashi chuka


Hiyashi chuka is cold noodles which was created in Japan. In China, cold noodles are not common, and hiyashi chuka is an original Japanese cuisine.

It is a seasonal dish only served in summer, since people prefer to eat cold noodles than hot noodles that makes them sweat a lot. Restaurants put up banners and posters saying “we’ve started to serve hiyashi chuka” when summer arrives, and people feel the coming of hot season.

Shredded cucumbers, tomato, ham, and shredded omelet are the basic ingredients used for hiyashi chuka. The noodles cooled down with water, the sour soy based sauce, and the colorful ingredients are delightful, and also typically Japanese. Japanese people enjoy food by looking at the colorfulness, smelling the scent, and tasting the savoriness.

In Japan, where clean water can be easily obtained, cold noodles such as buck wheat noodles were already a standard, and influenced the birth of hiyashi chuka.

In 1937, members of the Sendai Chinese food guild met up night after night and discussed about a new menu. Back in the days, there were no air conditioner, and the proceeds of hot ramen went down a lot during summer. The members had to come up with a menu that can be offered during summer time without lowering the proceeds, and they created hiyashi chuka.

In 1960, a noodle company in Sendai, where hiyashi chuka was born, introduced instant hiyashi chuka noodles which can be easily cooked at home. The style of pouring soy sauce and vinegar based soup captured the heart of the consumers, and became a sensation. Hiyashi chuka is now a common dish served at home, and people enjoy its refreshing taste in summer.

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