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Home Esthetics : No Onsen Near You? Try Home Esthetic Machines


Even on crammed morning commuting trains of Tokyo, the TV screens on the trains have pleasant commercials targeted towards those riding the train. Of those morning commuters, many are women; therefore, home esthetics is one of what is advertised very often on these screens throughout the day.

There are many types of home esthetics machines. Most common are steamer/mist, facial massagers and eye skin care.

Typical price range is from JPY 3,000 to JPY 35,000 ($25 – $300) but women are convinced that higher the price, better the result.

Work-busy business women take privilege in spending their overtime salary to home esthetics machine that best suits them to utilize as a way to relax and for self-esteem management; the more delightful the skin is, make up applies better on skin to make women look more charming. Confidence in appearance brings positive energy for accomplishments.

Japanese has always been keen on the idea of bijin, written 美人:美=beautiful, 人=people. Akita-bijin, or beautiful women from Akita Prefecture, is widely known in Japan. Akita has many small but fine onsen (hot spring) so the local people would go to onsen often if not every day. Travelers may find that the reason Akita is known for Akita-bijin is because of fair skin women have from high use of onsen known to have good minerals for health and skin.

All around the world, women know that having exceptional skin is always admired by others; and to Japanese, conditions of being bijin may include “to have fair and healthy skin”.

Without privilege of living close to an accessible onsen, women must have means to take care of their skin to say beautiful. The solution? Thank you, home esthetics machine!

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