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“Japan Expo 2014” in Paris -Japanese “Manga” (Comics) & “Anime” (Animation)-



It is not an exaggeration to say that “Japan Expo” annually held in early summer in Paris is a customary event in France, even in Europe.
The 15th “Japan Expo” was held for five days from 2nd to 6th of July 2014 this year.

”Japan Expo” is a trade fair for the culture of Japan that covers Japanese manga (comics), anime (animation), video games, mode, music, martial arts, high-tech and tradition. As for “Japan Expo 2014”, more than 200,000 people are estimated to visit it.

The word “Expo” literally means “Exhibition”, however, it looks like a “Festival” rather than a “exhibition” actually. Amazingly, most of the visitors are the youth of Japanese culture fans came not only from France but also came all the way from European countries!!!

In 1999, several young French who were passionate fans of Japanese culture has put into practice of a grand idea of holding a event to dedicated to Japanese comics, traditions and “now” of the Japanese culture that were untapped still in France at the time.

”Japan Expo” made an impressive success, and became the largest festival on Japanese culture and entertainment in Europe up to 2007.

It was noticed through the event that Japanese such as “SAIKO! (soooo good!)”, “KAWAII!!” (cute!) “DAISUKI” (I love you), etc. are used not being translated into French in many cases. Japanese seems to start penetrating into French.

In the countries other than Japan, “manga” (comics) & “anime” (animation) have been considered as an entertainment for children. For instance, Disney animation has mainly featured fairy tales.
Japanese “Anime” originally had a world No.1 quality. Therefore, soon after it was started exporting to oversea, it soon swept the whole world.

It is not as much as “anime”, “manga” (comics) is also great boom now in oversea.

There is a corner of the English version of the Japanese manga anywhere at large bookstores in the United States. There are also specialty stores to enthusiasts.

Thus, “anime”, “manga”, “figures”, “cards” and “TV game” have become major export items from Japan to oversea.

If you are already a fan of Japanese “manga” & “anime”, please feel free to let “Japan Marche” know about your favorite characters!!!

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