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Japan Marche Staff Blog: Chopsticks Benizakura


Japan Marche Staff Blog: Chopsticks Benizakura


Title: Surprising Effect

“it is also reasonable to enjoy your daily lives by using something nice in quality for such minute purpose”

What you will imagine relating to Japan probably contains this kind of goods, a pair of chopstick. It is commonly referred as a Japanese traditional way of eating, and actually is. Even though people in many other Asian countries use chopsticks to eat their daily meals, Japanese chopstick has a certain characteristic; the shape and material.

You may have seen Chinese or Korean chopsticks, which are made from metallic materials and the cut ends are often round-shaped. In Southeast Asian countries, people tend to use bamboo chopsticks, which are actually used in Japan, too, sometimes for change.

But in Japan, traditional chopsticks are made from more hard woods like this one’s cherry tree. The shape of the cut end is usually square and the pinching points are very small round so that even a tiny bean can be picked. In addition, lacquering the surface is very important because it will well protect the material woods from mold and keeps chopstick clean.

Just like spoons and folks in western countries are, chopsticks are also made from plastics and sold in cheap prices (you can find such goods in 100 yen shops, where everything are sold at 100 yen [excl. tax]). For daily use, you may think using such goods is reasonable. It is true, and I won’t deny it. However, it is also reasonable to enjoy your daily lives by using something nice in quality for such minute purpose. The effect is surprising.

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