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Japan Marche Staff Blog : Edokiriko, Futachoko “Kamaboko”


Edokiriko, Futachoko “Kamaboko”


Title: The simplest, more than the original

“only be called the simplest beauty”

Kamoboko is a Japanese traditional food which is made from fish paste. After sharpened, the fish paste is boiled and served as it is or baked. Sometimes kamaboko is used for topping on Udon noodle, but more often seen in lunch boxes and osechi ryori (traditional prepared food for New Year’s holidays).

Kamaboko can be seen in supermarkets, refrigerated food corner. Usually they are bicolor of pink and white, the traditional auspicious colors. It does not really tasteful (actually they are, if they are properly made, but cheap ones are not really) so when you eat it you need to pour some soy source. However, the cuteness of this color combination can add modest decoration to everyone’s lunch box, and therefore, kamaboko is very popular.

Kamaboko shape is like a half cut (vertical) drum can. When cut a piece, it appears like a half moon. Nowadays, they tend to have ditches on the outer part so the half moon has decorative edges. Some are even stuffed with other ingredients like cheese or vegetables like terrine.

Kamaboko shape is the pattern covering all the side of this grass ware. Very clear shape framed by very clear red emits what only be called the simplest beauty. The shapes are even covering the bottom of the grass.

No decoration, no stuffing, but when you add liquid in it, it will stunningly sparkle.


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