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Japan Marche Staff Blog : Glassware, Futachoko Shippo


Glassware, Futachoko Shippo


Title: Mystery Circle with Beautiful Flowers

“the creation of such simple task contains a lot of beauty and hopes”

If you are math lover, or are interested in geometrical patterns, you may have tried to create this shippo-tsunagi like pattern with a pair of compasses and a ruler. You may also recognize it as Islamic patterns which are decorating the ceiling of mosques.

There may be a name for those Islamic patterns, regrettably I do not have knowledge about it (if you know, I will truly appreciate you telling me). In Japan, these kinds of marks are called “shippo” or shippo-tsunagi”. Some of them with flower shapes depicted inside the circle are “hana-shippo” or “hanawachigai”.

They have been used for family crest, motives of Japanese papers, and decorations of architecture and furniture, because of its indwelling good meaning; everlasting connection and expansion, due to its repeated circles and layers. Also, the circles mean peaceful, amiable harmony. Using this as a family crest or having things with them may be a good expression for wishing of family happiness.

Now, looking at this small, simple shaped grass ware, it is covered by this kind of circles and flowers which may the artisan put the wish for your happiness. As you may have experienced, making this mark is quite simple, just putting a ruler and turning a compass. But the creation of such simple task contains a lot of beauty and hopes.


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