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Japan Marche Staff Blog : Hashi bako, Fuki-urushi


Hashi bako, Fuki-urushi


Title: To bring your chopsticks to anywhere

“It is nothing once a month or twice, but if it comes to everyday chore, the potential of the material is important”

While chopsticks are a key part (but not really many people pay attention) of Japanese food culture, chopstick boxes called Hashi bako also should take an important role. Especially when talking of box lunch.

It is always astonishing, for me, when thinking about the variety of lunch styles in each country and each school or company. It is even impossible to tell which country or area has what kind of custom. Even thinking of the United States, there are café style, box lunch style, catering style, and combination of the all.

In Japan, too, and I think this is a good sign which prove the people’s love toward eating in their favorite style. Even in Japan, where people tend to act following others, such a various lunch styles are allowed.

So, for those who love to bring their own box lunch to schools or jobs, and who tend to use chopsticks, this product may decrease frustration of washing. The most effective characteristic of lacquering, the water repellency, can play a great role for everyday use. It is easy to wash, hard to break, and wiped easily. It is nothing once a month or twice, but if it comes to everyday chore, the potential of the material is important.

The description does not mention its length, but probably it would be better to think it is not so long, to be the safe side, because portable chopsticks are rather shorter than ordinal ones. There are three types; clear, red, and black lacquered, so chose one which is the best match to your portable chopsticks.


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