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Japan Marche Staff Blog : Japan Marche T-shirt Warabi


Japan Marche T-shirt Warabi


Title: Sprout of fern, Yum!

“Everything in this world has possibility to become a Buddha”

If you are not living in extremely cold or hot areas, they are not such special plants, especially those who love to go mountain hike. Warabi means a kind of fern and also is taken as a sprout of fern in broad meaning, with that familiar look of slim, long neck and curling top with small hair.

In Japan, very young warabi sprouts, which are often seen in early spring in the shade of trees, are special ingredient to enjoy spring season. Preparation requires time and manual works since it has strong harshness containing small amount of carcinogen, but the crisp bite, fresh aroma, and characteristic bitterness is something you can only taste with this wild vegetable.

Also, the root of warabi is a rare ingredient for Japanese sweet warabi-mochi. The root also contains thick harshness, so the preparation must be a lot of work and only a little amount is obtained. But the resulted starch, which is dark colored, is a great source for Japanese sweets with its unique flavor and jelly-like texture.

It is very natural, for me, to imagine the meaning of the image on this T-shirt because I love to eat warabi in spring to feel the power of something is growing. And that is exactly expressed by the word on the backside, by the deformed warabi illustration. Read as “Issai Shujo Shitsuu Bussho” meaning “Everything in this world has possibility to become a Buddha.”

Only with a curvy, fresh green warabi picture and some words from Buddhism sutra, this is a very simple T-shirt. But what it declares will deeply move you.


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