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Japan Marche Staff Blog: Kakuzara “Kodaishu” small


Japan Marche Staff Blog: Kakuzara “Kodaishu” small


Title: Small universe on the small square plate

“can do well with a wide range of foods”

There is a TV program to contest the skills of arrangement of foods, which have celebrities compete each other by giving them a theme food and letting them chose a type of plates and arrange the food. Some are given Japanese traditional foods like sushi and some are said to make a salad look good.

As many thinks, and suggested in that program, too, the first key is choosing a plate. Thinking about the shape (round, square, oval, or star?), depth (deep, middle, shallow, or convex?), and color (white, black, wooden, or bright red?) requires the person sense of composition, which means plus and minus.

If the theme food is very simple, like inari-zusi (cylindrical-like shape rice covered with tasty, thin fried bean curd), a bit unique plate (like star shaped) and some decorations (like wild flower arrangements and cooked vegetables) may do well, and if the theme food itself has a lot of curve and bumps, simple round shape plate may work better.

This square small red plate is the middle of them, and therefore, can do well with a wide range of foods.

The form is simply square, but the depth made by the delicate curves is perfectly nuanced. The shade such curves give the food on it natural dimension. Also, the color, which is called kodaishu (ancient red) is the great deal to make the foods look delicious, giving them suitable warmness and stimulate one’s (you, your partner, or your guest) appetite.

People tend to think of Japanese lacquer wares are delicate. Yes, they are during production and they cannot stand for microwaves and are combustible. But actually, they are very tolerable against physical shocks and water. Having a plate of such red lacquered plate is definitely wisdom of everyday life.

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