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Japan Marche Staff Blog : Kutani Porcelain Iroe Shirutsugi “Yourakumon”


Kutani Porcelain Iroe Shirutsugi “Yourakumon”


Title: Exotic, yet traditional

“The sensitive lines, small dots, clearly depicted small flowers and geometric marks have created complex, mysterious look”

The beautifully colored small marbles are connected by thin, delicate lines in multiple layers. Decorative gold or metal plates shaped in flowers or geometric patterns are inserted sometimes, to add gorgeousness. Youraku is a type of accessories worn by people in ancient India, and the style was brought to Japan as a part of Buddhism culture.

In Buddhism art, youraku also attributes the wisdom and charity of Buddha. But after the enlightenment, such accessories became unnecessary. But the same type of ornaments still decorates the Buddhism temples and alters in modern Japan.

In Japan, alongside the Buddhism culture, the style was stylized and youraku-mon pattern was created. The pattern became to be used mainly for potteries and porcelains. The sensitive lines, small dots, clearly depicted small flowers and geometric marks have created complex, mysterious look.

For this one, the bottom line is decorated with weave-like motif and brilliant flowers are on the lid. The combination of red and small amount of yellow, green, and gold on the calm white base will well suit a dining table, as the purpose of this ware, soy source pot, which is also a one traditionally decorate Japanese life style.


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