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Japan Marche Staff Blog: Mamezara, Yoshida-ya Yuri-zu


Japan Marche Staff Blog: Mamezara, Yoshida-ya Yuri-zu (picture of lilies)


Title: Another thing reminds the summer

“jelly-like sweets on this tiny plate with cold sour drink may bring you the subtle feeling of the summer”

Lily reminds me of the garden of my grandmother, who loves flowers, especially orchid for their scent and delicate form. The difficult thing in growing orchid is they are very weak to natural weather and cannot survive the winter’s cold. So her house is always filled with pots of various kinds of orchid.

What fills her garden is lily, especially Easter lilies.

They are originally a kind of wild flowers, just like other garden plants. From my observation, they tend to have strong reproductive power. I am not sure if you are interested in the behavior of lilies, but it is certainly an admirable energy. If you leave them to have their seeds, by scattering their tiny ones grown in their bullet-like shaped seed pods, lilies procreate themselves all around your garden.

The picture shows dark purple and blue lilies in the yellow background. Probably the colors used because of to utilize the specialty of Kutani ware, and partially because of there are flowers in such colors and artisans always add their imagination to their creation.

The season for lilies is from April to August. During this period they bloom, be pollinated, and reproduce. Serving jelly-like sweets on this tiny plate with cold sour drink may bring you the subtle feeling of the summer.


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