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Japan Marche Staff blog: Obi Bag, Silver wave


Japan Marche Staff blog: Obi Tussle Clutch Bag: Nami, Silver wave

When I first came across this bag, my first impression was that it definitely did not look like its material was using obi. The “silver wave” may have been a wave on an obi, but on the bag it now appears like a random pattern using silver strings or more like feathers than waves. Maybe because of this feel, the bag looks completely like something that just came from a fashion runway of a high-end brand. It has a timeless elegance to it. I can imagine someone carrying this bag 10 years from now, in super loose black long coat with white cashmere turtle neck underneath it, center-pressed charcoal gray pants to the ankle, polished black enamel pumps and black medium brimmed fedora hat. Perfect!

Don’t forget that these Obi Bags are one-and-only design. I am a type of person who loves to use my favorite items for a long time but come cross instances where it cannot be maintenanced. What’s good about these Obi Bags is that the manufacturer provides maintenance service. It is at a certain cost depending on the complexity of the maintenance needed (remember, producing obi takes good craftsmanship) but if I can spend more time with a favorite bag, it is definitely worth it.

Silver wave, feather, wind, random pattern… However you interpret it, it is an item you won’t regret having in your closet.


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