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Japan Marche Staff Blog: Obi Tussle Clutch Bag


Japan Marche Staff Blog: Why obi Is a Good Gift for Expecting Mothers.

“[T]hese Obi Bags are one and only wherever you search all over the world!”


It reminded me of these obi bags when I was talking to my friends of how our friends are getting pregnant one by one. These bags would be a thoughtful gift for expecting mothers.

As a ritual for expecting mothers and her family in Japan, there is an event called Inuno-hi. Expecting mothers and her family would visit a shrine during her fifth month into pregnancy to receive an obi from the shrine to wish a safe delivery of the baby. Inuno-hi comes once or twice a month depending on the calendar. Inu , or a dog, is one of the twelve horary animals and known for labor without much pain and hassle; the reason why “the day of dogs” is chosen for wishing a safe labor.

Obi is wrapped around the mother’s stomach as a charm to keep the baby safe from bad spirits and demons. To give a thought into obi, it is actually practical to wrap it around the stomach for support since the stomach only gets bigger by day around the fifth month.

Not only is the Obi Bag a fashion item, it is a thoughtful gift! Personally, I would choose Tasuki design Obi Bag since Tasuki has a meaning of keeping away impurity which gives more meaning to the Obi Bag itself.

A clutch bag is more of a fashion item then for practical use, but expecting mothers will be given a lot of baby presents. It would not hurt to give the mother a push present (from a friend) for her to enjoy, right? And don’t forget; designs of these Obi Bags are one and only wherever you search all over the world!

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