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Japan Marche Staff Blog : T-shirt “Geigei”


T-shirt “Geigei”


Title: The Gaze of a Whale

“the fear and awe of such moment, a huge mass of its body suddenly appears in front of the ship”

Do you have a favorite villain? From movies and marvel comics to pure literature and classic stories, there are always attractive villains in interesting stories. Some historical people are also treated as villains, not only due to their actual bad behaviors but also for their influence against then leaders.

Let’s think about what a good villain tend to do or to be. May be a good looking regardless of male or female, impressively taller or smaller than others, very clever or strong, and usually very ruthless. Except those who have a Robin Hood character.

The grey slush on the front is decorated with cloud pattern, forming a sharp eye of a whale, and the both its gaze and the whale appears in its name (the first kanji means whale, and the next one means gazing). This word, gei-gei, is originally a name of a piece of a shogi-type games which can move forward, backward, and diagonally backwards for limitless squares.

But for this one, probably the eye refers the one of the Moby-Dick, or the ones of the huge, wild whales the fishermen in old days encountered on the sea. We can only imagine the fear and awe of such moment, a huge mass of its body suddenly appears in front of the ship.

The word gei-gei also means “the head of villans”, and on the shoulders of this T-shirts there are the words from Ishikawa Goemon, the well-known thief. It says “What an amazing view”, a famous line of him while gazing the town at a spring night.


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