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Japan Marche Staff Blog : T-shirt, Miroku Bosatsu


T-shirt, Miroku Bosatsu, Buddhism god


Title: A God Who Will Come in the Future

“looks just like that calm, gentle figures with thoughtfulness”

Miroku-Bosatsu is a kind of Buddhism God who is thought to be a god of love and affection and born in the future…it is said to be 5.6 billion years later. Some say differently like 500 million years, or 3000 years). Whichever, he (supposed to be) is currently in training at Tosotsuten, one of the Buddhism heaven, and will come to the earth as reincarnation.

He has been usually depicted as a calmly sitting pose on a decorative chair, with a leg crossed, putting his fingertip to his chin as if thinking something deeply. The face looks gentle and smooth, well matched to the slender body shape.

But sometimes, it appears in a shape of Daikoku God (the god of richness) with round cheeks and stomach. Especially in Okinawa, there is a legend of Milk God, which means Miroku, with such looks and loved by people for his generousness.

The picture of Miroku-Bosatsu on this T-shirts looks just like that calm, gentle figures with thoughtfulness. Also printed moon and lotus flower buds may represent the gods’ world and the earth, suggesting the agony of this god is currently bearing.

The god was loved by people who believe in eschatology, too, since the arrival of Miroku can be the end of the world, some say, but it is strange for me, why the god of affection will bring the world end. One hypothesis is, probably, people naturally demand for being forgiven, loved, and cared even though, or rather because they are dying.


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