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Japan Marche Staff Blog : T-shirt Oboro-dsuki


T-shirt Oboro-dsuki


Title: A Carp at Night

“you may be unable to resent feeling something unexpected will happen”

Oboro-dsuki, a hazy moon has been a favorable motif and often seen in lyrics including children’s songs and poems including haiku and tanka. There is even a song name with this, “Oboro-dsuki Yo (a hazy moon night)” and famous haiku poet like Matsuo Basho and Yosa Buson created numerous slits of haiku about this kind of moon, which is full of nuance.

A hazy moon is actually a seasonal word for Japanese poem for spring. It is designated to suggest a moon slightly covered by misty air unique to spring season and sometimes also suggest halo around it. Probably it is not only Japanese people to feel some kind of uncertainty, as well as mystique from such moon.

On this T-shirt, a big, gray carp is swimming in a pond, which is reflecting a hazy moon in the spring night sky. Some flowers are probably azaleas, also a flower in spring, dropped from pond-side trees. The combination of watermarks, trembling moon shape, vermilion flowers, and clouds on the swimming carp must make you confuse if the carp is in the pond or in the sky.

Of course it is in the pond. Carps are very tough, competitive fish in terms of survival. However, when you wear this T-shirt and go out, you may be unable to resent feeling something unexpected will happen for the detailed and beautifully drawn, yet having uncertainty moon and the fish.


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