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Japan Marche Staff Blog : T-shirt “Zochoten”


T-shirt “Zochoten”


Title: The Power of God

“the angry face supposed to chase away bad animals and insects”

In Buddhism sculptures, 4 powerful gods who are thought to protect the Buddhism heaven have been important models since it came to Japan. Zochoten is one of them, and supposed to protect the southern area.

His attribute, halberd, is not shown here, but the form wearing leather armor is well depicted, and the face shows his anger, as always, because it is his duty to beat demons angrily. In pictures and sculptures, these 4 gods are often shown with demons under their foot.

The mark on the front chest looks like a kind of passion flower, or a motif of the Sanskrit name of him, Bi, meaning a seed which just started budding. The plunging core of the flower is very meaningful.

On the sleeve, there is the Sanskrit word. Because of this name, Zochoten is not only the God for battle, but also the protector of good harvest. It is imaginable that the angry face supposed to chase away bad animals and insects, like rice grasshoppers.

Wearing such god on the backside sounds simple yet impressive design, and the coloring of gray and dark gray make it very usable. Even among numerous people in a summer festival, or in the green village and vegetable yard, the god on your back will stand out.


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