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Title: Ripples on water or on gold fish?

“you cannot wear them like this”

Have you ever been stunned by the splendid view of Japanese gold fish? Even small child gold fish like sold in Japanese summer festival, they are very beautiful. The color varies from pure white to pure black, but actually most of them are between hues of orange to crimson.

They also have various spots- or stain- like patterns. While they are so small, such patterns not really stand out. However, once they become big, actually some become 20 cm or so, you will be able to enjoy the mix of colorful patterns and delicate lines made by water current.

Ranchiu, the fish designed in this T-shirt is a type of gold fish having its origin in Edo period. Because of the mass on its head, Ranchiu is also called Lionhead goldfish in English. They do not have a dorsal fin, and the patterns unique to each fish are clearly shown.

Especially for this one, the flower-like stain on its white skin is, how exotic. The biggest one looks passion flower accompanied by chrysanthemum. Small dots also add contrast to the plane white area.

There is no such Ranchiu with this kind of beautiful paint on the back. The attraction of real Ranchiu is that they are living and emitting their liveliness. However, you cannot wear them like this.

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