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Japan Marche Staff Blog: Tea Canister_Toku


Tea Canister_Toku


Title: Not just a storage

“you will be in need of this kind of thing as long as it can serve well”

Have you ever heard of the book with the title starting with “Spark Joy” followed by“an illustrated master class on the art of organizing and tidying up”? This is a nonfiction, more like a “how to” book about tidying up your room and your life. The key of the book is, as very briefly summarize, leaving what does not up your feeling and only keeping things what cheer you up.

We do have things, probably with or without reasons. Well, actually you had a reason when you obtained it, but it may have disappeared because of you have obtained better thing or the original cause you wanted that thing was resolved. But we tend to keep things which are not necessary because sentimental reasons, such as, when the thing was a present from someone you do not remember. It is a time to decide you throw it away or keep it, and the decision may trouble you.

This black small storage ware for tea leaves will not trouble you, however. If you are tea person, you will be a tea person for long and you will be in need of this kind of thing as long as it can serve well. And actually, it can be a very good one.

It is colored black, but the main material is Japanese cherry birch called “mizume” which is strongly humid proof and keep your tea leaves dry well. The black surface slightly shiny, because the narrow ditch creates somewhat less glittering texture by absorbing light, will never bother you and the shape is the perfect look as an interior goods.

You will keep this, as long as you love tea, to keep your precious tea.


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