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Japan Marche Staff Blog: Teapot small chrysanthemum and arabesque


Teapot small chrysanthemum and arabesque


Title: Perfect combination for celebration of long, happy life

“This product is vividly covered by such flower and greenery with traditional Kutani ware technique and style”

Chrysanthemum flowers usually bloom in autumn in Japan, and there is a designated day, ninth of September, for chrysanthemum called Choyo (in kanji, it is written two kanjis with meaning of piling up and the sun). In the old days, people celebrated longevity and prosperity, and chrysanthemum, which has been thought as a medical herb.

Actually, chrysanthemum was treated as a miraculous medicine and the flower often put in sake for prayer of long and happy life in ancient China, and the custom was brought in to Japan. The brilliant yellow flowers certainly can add dignifying and glorious feeling.

Since such cultural background, chrysanthemum has been taken as a symbol of praying of perennial youth and long life. This flower has been painted on the surface of many clothes and goods and carved on furniture.

Especially, when chrysanthemum appears among arabesque, which represent thriving ivy and is also for prosperity and happy long life, it becomes a very auspicious pattern. In the Japanese history, this combination appeared in the late Heian period (about 1200 BC).

This product is vividly covered by such flower and greenery with traditional Kutani ware technique and style. Some blue lines and points at the handle and the lid do not stand out, but definitely draw your attention in a way of adding a sense of unity. It is probably a good one to celebrate you and your family’s happiness.


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