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Japan Marche Staff Blog: Urushi Glass Bunchin (paperweight) “Arare”


Japan Marche Staff Blog: Urushi Glass Bunchin (paperweight) “Arare”


Title: Not only for the design

“Only with their subtle existence, dots can make the space modern look and make your feeling cheered”

Design with small dots is pop. If you know Yayoi Kusama, you may soon agree with me. She produces plenty of products and artistic installation works with plenty of dots. The colors are very considerable. She uses dark colors or very bright colors (like pure white) for dots in bright colored background. She admits she has some kind of obsession to dots, and even created a three dimensional dotted space with luminous materials, as an icon of pop art.

If it is not enough, please look around and found something with dots. Please think about wearing clothes with dots. Only with their subtle existence, dots can make the space modern look and make your feeling cheered or even ticklish.

Arare, usually a name for very small rice biscuits, is also a name for such patterns with small dots, considering their forms. Picking up a small piece of arare with chatting with your friend must be fun and cheerful, just like having dots on your stationary goods.

Since the glass is made as Kiriko glass ware, their arares are square-shaped and a little bit calmer than round-shaped dots. But exactly because of that, it can add a sense of traditional Japanese taste.

Another characteristic of this kind of pattern, in particular such ragged dots, is handiness. This paperweight must be a good keeper of your paper, so such arare dots seem, for me, a thoughtfulness of the artisan. Why not put this on your paper, and enjoy some arare for a while?

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