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Japan Marche Staff blog: Staff introduction


Japan Marche is going to start a staff blog on updates and random thoughts regarding products available at our online store. Hello, dear readers. This is Mizuki and I will be writing the staff blogs.

Please let me introduce myself. My friends say my perspective about Japan is similar to those from outside of Japan. Perhaps they are correct; my childhood was spent in America until I returned to Japan in high school. I was born in Japan and my parents are both Japanese, yet I often questioned my own identity. Can I proudly say that I am Japanese? How much did I know about its culture? Its history? The answer was, I didn’t. I chose to study in Japan for my university years and studied Sociology and Japanese history with hopes to understand my culture more. Studying the people’s history gave me deep insight to how customs and traditions were based on courtesy and respect for gods and other people. I became fascinated by “tradition” and came to respect “custom” which I once used to think was tedious and pointless; now I know that many are quite practical.

Just physically being in Japan became an experience for a student like me. Since, I continue to live in Japan to learn more about this country. It may be similar to a feeling a foreign visitor has when first visiting Japan. They come for sightseeing at first but their travel turns into a whole new experience and eventually finds a way to live in Japan because they are attracted by the life and culture here.

I am happy to see that more and more foreign visitors are coming to Japan. Japan Marche aims to spread that experience to a whole new level—to suggest a lifestyle with Japanese traditional crafts and made-in-Japan items—to those who enjoyed traveling to Japan.

Personally, my favorite from Japan Marche’s store is the Obi Tussle Clutch Bag in Shohsohin and Kasen. My fashion theme is French chic, but I know that these two are perfect to add to my wardrobe collection. Maybe Santa can add these to his Christmas present list for next year!

Now that you know a little about me, I hope you come back to the blog to read more!

Obi Tussle Clutch Bag : Kasen, Flower Fan

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