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Japan Traditional Craft Week 2015


Japan Traditional Craft Week 2015

Collaborating with 41 shops around Roppongi and Marunouchi areas, Tokyo, and in and around the International Design Center NAOYA in Nagoya prefecture, Japanese traditional arts and crafts are now showing their beauties.
The annual event, Japan Traditional Craft Week 2015 has just started on October 24 (Sat) and experts of such beauties are introducing their commending works until November 3 (Tue).

The event is held by Japan Traditional Crafts Industry Promotion Association Foundation to connect the creators, curators, and users to promote the philosophy that Japanese traditional craft making bears, such as admiration toward technique, beauty, and spirits to crate goods for users.

During the period, each shop which usually deal interior goods features one production centers of Japanese traditional crafts, such as gold leaves (Kanazawa) and ethnic fabric from Ainu tradition (Hokkaido). The variety is just stunning, since each shop treat each unique type of Japanese craft and there is no duplication.

Also, each shop releases “visiting the producing area” reports which describes the journey they have had before the exhibition. The interesting reports are reachable at www.jtcw.jp/report (Japanese only).
Some shops hold creators workshops and live performances. The detailed maps and events can be found at the official website: www.jtcw.jp

We are not sure that you can be satisfied with window shopping, but we are sure that there must be certain beauties which can refine your sense when you actually see and touch.

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