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“Cold Sake” (Japanese White Wine)


We are in the midst of summer in Japan. Then, people want cold drinks.

 Speaking of liquor in summer, some say that cold beer is the best. However, it is true that Cold Sake which goes down well is also suitable for Japanese summer. It gets people feel a cool air.

 Sake is made of rice.

 When we look at the words of “Cold Sake is now available!!!”on a signage at a tavern (‘Izakaya’ : Japanese style tavern), we can not help ordering it!!!

 There are 2 types of Japanese cold Sake. One is Sake we taste at room temperature. The other is tasted by being chilled.

 Some people like to drink Sake warm like “Hot Wine”especially for winter.

 Sake, together with Shaoxing rice wine of China, is unique in the way of drinking to take it warm is popular.

In the age of no refrigerator, people drank Sake either at room temperature or to take it warm.

 Unless it is not heated, they are called “Cold Sake”.

 In late 1980s, along with the ”Ginjoshu” (type of sake brewed by low temperature fermentation from white rice milled to 60%) boom, it became popular to taste Sake chilled in a refrigerator.

 There are 3 different representative temperature for drinking “Cold Sake”such as 5℃(41°F), 10℃(50°F) & 15℃(59°F).

 5℃(41°F) & 10℃(50°F) is good for Sake with a little sweetness & undiluted Sake respectively.

 15℃(59°F) is the temperature which you can enjoy an original taste of the rice.

 In a nutshell, you can enjoy various aspects of the taste of “Sake”at different temperature.

 In recent years, cold sake seems increasingly popular in Europe and America.

 Western “sake buff” is enjoying Japanese cold sake as if they are tasting high-end white wine.

 It seems a common sense that “sake matches the cheese”among them.

 Those who drink cold sake witha small-sized glass is seemed to be an expert.

 Japan Marche Inc. strongly recommend you to taste your favorite Japanese Sake in cold with this beautiful glass crafted by a Japanese artisan!!!


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