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– Japanese Mosquito Coil –


“Mosquito Coil”is an incense used to repel mosquitos and it reminds Japanese people of summer.

In recent years, the demand of “Mosquito Coil” in the countries of Southeast Asia has exceeded that of Japan.

However, mosquito coil with smoke rising in a spiral shape is still a typical scenery for the Japanese summer.

It was “Meiji Era”(1868-1912) when Mosquito coil was firstly invented in Japan.


It is interesting to know where the unique idea of getting rid of mosquitoes in the smoke of incense came from.

From the old days of the “Heian Era”(794 – 1192), we Japanese has generated the smoke by putting sedge trees or leaves of Japanese mugwort into the fire to dive the mosquitoes way.

“Mosquito Coil”is made of pyrethrum and the origin country of pyrethrum is Croatia in Europe.

It was originally ornamental, but it was founded that an insecticidal action was contained in the ingredients of pyrethrum from the fact that insects were dying in the place where pyrethrum was discarded.

A milestone was that it was discovered that it continues to burn longer in a spiral shape. Then, “The Spiral Shape Mosquito Coil” was finally completed.

Indeed, it is an item in which wisdom of Japanese gathered.

“Aroma Fragrance Mosquito Coil” has gained popularity from a few years ago in Japan.

You can repel mosquitoes while enjoying the aroma !!!

A container of mosquito coil has an attractiveness, too.

Putting an insect repellent effect aside, it is a fun to enjoy selecting a container as one of the interior to produce a space of summer !!!



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