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Japanese Railway System -Its punctuality is incredible!!!-


Japanese Railway System is often admired by foreigners.

The greatest feature of the Japanese railway system is “accuracy”.
It is not an exaggeration to say that arrival and departure time of the train can be used as a watch instead in Japan.

In comparison with the railway system in countries other than Japan, the Japanese railway system is said that punctuality is incredibly high.

When railway officials from overseas once got on a bullet train (Shinkansen) in Japan, they said it is “crazy” to see that the train arrived stations not being differed from the schedule by even 1 second!!!

In countries other than Japan, 5 – 15 minutes delay is regarded as an ordinary operation (including high-speed rail).

On the other hand, even the deviation of about 30 seconds is considered “delayed” in Japan.

This represents how much we Japanese respect the punctuality in life.

〈What supports the punctuality〉
Japan is densely populated so that there is a tendency that the number of train increases inevitably.

Even a slight time lag affect other trains. Therefore, railway system in Japan needs to maintain punctuality inevitably.

In the Tokyo metropolitan area, in the *”Yamanote Line”, 3,000 – 4,000 passengers in the 10-car train are transported. The number of passengers amount to 100,000 people one way per hour for so-called “rush hour”.

There is no country other than Japan that has the railway route with these numbers of transportation in the developed countries.

「*”Yamanote Line” is in charge of a cyclic operation in an inner-city area of Tokyo.」

In the contrast of the praise for punctuality, Japanese railway system in Tokyo is notorious for its severe commuter rush.

〈High number of passengers〉
In connection with the transport density above-mentioned, about 23
billion passengers in total use the train per year in Japan.

This is of course the world No.1. Japan is followed by India with 5
billion passengers.

〈High passenger share〉
Even after greatly reduced because of the motorization in 1950s, the share of passenger transport by the railway has been maintaining about 30% in Japan.

〈Narrow gauge〉
Unlike other countries, Japanese railway system adopted “narrow gauge”.

Some say that an inferiority complex about having narrow gauge has made today’s Japanese high-level railway technology that can be seen in passenger transport systems such as ”Shinkansen Super Express.”

Why don’t you come to visit Japan to experience the “Punctuality”, “Cleanness”, “Safety” & even “Rush hour” of the Japanese railway system.

It is definitely one of the fun to visit Japan!!!

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