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”Kabuki” – An Aspect of Japanese Traditions –


– Japanese Classical Drama –

“Kabuki” is definitely one representative aspect of Japanese Traditions.

“Kabuki” is a Japanese traditional performing arts with a history of 400 years.

It has been handed down to the present as a “composite art” with each elements of theater arts, dance and music.

Currently, the number of works of Kabuki which are performed is said to be about 400.

It is an outstanding feature of Kabuki that it is played by only men.

A female role in a play is called “female impersonator” and amazingly he plays the role with more feminine gesture than a woman.

Repertoires can be divided into two themes.

One is ”Period Dramas” (Depicting the battle and the world of the samurai) and the other is so-called “Sewamono” (Describing the townspeople of Edo period).

Another major feature of Kabuki is “Kumadori”.

“Kumadori” is a peculiar style of makeup used in kabuki in which the red, blue, brown, and black cosmetics are painted on an actor’s face to emphasize the nature of the character he plays.

By role, different color and “Kumadori” are applied.

In Peking Opera (classical Chinese opera), there is a common feature of “Kumadori” which is called “Renpu”.

There is “the Kabuki Theater” specialized for Kabuki in Tokyo.

Japan Marche recommends you to visit the Kabuki Theater to see an aspect of Japanese traditions and the lifestyle of the people in old age !!!

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