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“Kare-Sansui” – The world of Meditation –


“Kare-Sansui”(Traditional Japanese Dry Landscape Garden) is a garden of hill-and-stream landscape without water.

 It is considered to be established ​​in the middle of the “Muromachi period”(1467 – 1568) when gardens with abstract expressions began to be seen at many “Zen Buddhism Temples”.

 “Ryoan-ji Temple”in Kyoto is famous for its beautiful rock garden.

 The rock garden of “Ryoan-ji Temple” is very unique of being made only by fifteen rocks and white sand without plants.

 It has the composition that only 14 rocks out of 15 are visible from any angle.

There is no established theory behind that.

 It is completely up to you how you interpret !!!

 The Japanese garden is originally an art to incorporate nature into the town.

 However, while we pursue an ideal nature, we sometimes create a landscape which is more than nature.

 Occasionally, people wonder if this is a coincidence or an intent….

 Meditating in front of the molding in between Nature & Artificiality makes you rich feeling.

 This is a landscape which is created by a technology of a gardener & the flow of time.

 The beauty of the Japanese garden is simply this point

 For instance, both French & Chinese gardens are a part of the nature. On the other hand, English garden is the nature itself.

 Japanese garden is located in the middle of them.

Why don’t you try to come to visit “Ryoan-ji Temple” in Kyoto to challenge to see 15 rocks from one angle at one time  though nobody including me succeeded so far….


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