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KARMI Soji Tawara Tea Canister


KARMI Soji Tawara Tea Canister and KARIMI Sumi “Tawara” Tea Canister

Japan Marche Staff Blog: Perception Is Creativity
“This tea canister can be used as a salt container or a sugar container or perhaps use for your herbs.”

I think that perception is creativity. It is said that perception is reality, so the way you interpret things becomes your reality. A mug cup is used for morning coffee in the office, but if you needed a pen stand and already had a mug cup, you may want to use the new mug cup as a pen stand. It works perfectly. Looking at things from a different angle, taking a different approach—it gets you where you did not expect.

The tea canister KARIMI Soji Tawara Tea Canister (natural color) and Sumi “Tawara” (black) sold at Japan Marche is made to be a tea canister. Its mesmerizing wood grains and natural look is like an artifact in a contemporary style kitchen. It is structured to keep oxygen, humidity and light out. With this functionality, it does not need to be designated as a tea canister. This tea canister can be used as a salt container or a sugar container or perhaps use for your herbs.

There are times that you like a certain object but cannot find a use for it. You can always think of ways to use it. It is up to your mind.

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