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ukiyo e: Katsushika Hokusai


ukiyo e:Depicting Lives in Edo Period, an Animation Movie Won 4 Awards and now Showing in Europe

You may not know the movie title, “Sarusuberi: Miss. Hokusai”, but you probably know the name “Katsushika Hokusai”, a famous ukiyo e artist in the late Edo period (1603-1867). An animation movie featured him and his daughter was released in Japan this May, and won Juried Award at Annecy International Animated Film Festival, Audience Award, Sequences Award and Satoshi Kon Award at Fantasia International Film Festival, and now it was nominated for the Best Animated Feature Film Award at the 9th Asia Pacific Screen Award.

What is so good in this movie? Based on a comic book written by Sugiura Hinako, who was a famous Edo culture specialist and passed away in 2005, the detail is just amazing. The story is a combination of short footages of the daily lives of this father and daughter, and also, the lives of artists. The director Keiichi Hara, who is sincere and royal to the original comic, moved Oei, the daughter, as a young woman and as a young artist struggling to achieve better creation.

Another aspect is featured by the youngest sister of Oei who is suffering from serious disease. The drama and subtle atmosphere emerged from fragility of lives are expressed keenly, making the small details such as shade and light on the winter snow even more beautiful.

The movie has been showing in France and Switzerland since September 2nd, and will be opened in Spain in October. If you are interested in the movie, in the lives of artists in Edo period, or in ukiyo e arts, please check out the trailers from here: http://www.allocine.fr/film/fichefilm_gen_cfilm=235874.html

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