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Kitchen Knife VG Series Chef’s Knife


Kitchen Knife VG Series Chef’s Knife

Japan Marche Staff Blog: Kitchen Knives for Wedding Gift
“Hard, fine blade not only makes cutting stress-free, the ingredients also receive less stress.”

In Japan, one item that should not be sent as a wedding gift is kitchen knife. The reason is quite simple; because it can “cut”; meaning it can separate something whole into pieces. Personally, if it is what the bride and groom wants, it is a good gift since the couple will be needing them once settled into their new house. (I remember my friend’s story of her wanting nice kitchen knives for her wedding gift from her relative, and that relative jokingly speaking to my friend’s mom, “please do not hold me responsible should the happy couple divorce.” This explains how irregular it is to send a kitchen knife.)

If you are a newly-wed couple and cooking for your partner, you would want the dinner to be delicious. Great cooking is good for relationship building. It is well known that cooking using good kitchen knives makes dishes taste better. Hard, fine blade not only makes cutting stress-free, the ingredients also receive less stress.

I am not sure what the average cost of kitchen knives is, but my theory is, considering that you use it every day, it deserves attention just like an expensive watch or a pen. Happy stomach, happy relationship! I would be overjoyed if I received a competent kitchen knife as a wedding gift.

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