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Knowing the summer in Japan -“Ennichi” (a festival day)-


Beyond the middle of July. Events to enjoy the summer such as summer festivals and fireworks have started throughout Japan.

“Ennichi” (Fairs) that are held in shrines and temples also constitute one of the classic events of the summer from the old days in Japan.


Street stalls have traditionally been a special feature for “Ennichi”.

There are actually various kinds of stalls such as “Scooping Goldfish”, “Cotton Candy”, “Fried Noodles” etc. Every “Ennichi” is crowded with a large number of people from children to adults.

“Ennichi” are days when people have a spiritual connection with Shinto or Buddhist deities.
To be called “The day of the connection”, “Ennichi” is the day of memorial service to have your edge in specific gods. It is said to be blessed more than usual when you pray on this day.

Fair events has started in Japan in the “Kamakura” period (1185-1333).
At the beginning, it was just praying. As the market started to open at the approach to the shrine & temple and they were crowded with a lot of people, fairs came to become popular as festivals in the region.

The festival culture prospered even more during the Edo Period and continued until the early Showa Period (1926 – 1989); there were more than 600 fairs held annually in Tokyo Prefecture before World War II, with two or three held everyday except unlucky days.

Goldfish is inevitable for “Ennichi”. In China, Goldfish implies people a surplus of money & accumulation of wealth with an auspicious sign.

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