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Kakigori : Shaved Ice” (Japanese-made sherbet)


Knowing the summer in Japan
Kakigori : Shaved Ice” (Japanese-made sherbet)

Kakigori:Shaved Ice (usually served with flavored simple syrup) is a Japanese summer tradition. It is also called “summer ice” which is used as a season word of summer.

While the summer sun shines, looking at the banners of “ice” sign, I can not help stopping by. Eating cold shaved ice to forget the heat, it is a fun unique to summer.

By the way, do you know when Japanese started eating shaved ice? If we follow the history, it dated back to the “Heian period”(794-1185)!!!

Kakigori appeared in a very famous essay of “The Pillow Book” written by ”Ms. Sei-Shonagon” in the “Heian era” for the first time in a Japanese history. It was described as a elegant thing. This is the oldest literature which has been written about the shaved ice

It is a fun to imagine how the aristocracy of the Heian era were enjoying shaved ice elegantly.

How were people able to eat shaved ice in the middle of summer with no freezer ?

In the past, the ice made naturally during the winter were preserved in a cave at the foot of the mountain to avoid dissolving.

This repository was called “Himuro” (Ice Room) and they were owned by the aristocracy of those days. Shaved Ice was definitely a food for celebrities that was sometimes presented to the Emperor.

It was “Showa period” (1926 – 1989) that ordinary Japanese could afford to taste shaved ice.

In addition to the type of syrup, various toppings have also been devised. We can see a variety of toppings such as fruits, adzuki beans, green tea, condensed milk, etc. today.
You can see various kinds of unique characteristics in shaved ice throughout Japan.

You might be able to overcome the hot summer with Kakigori.

It is nice to taste Kakigori with a cup of hot green tea.

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