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Konjac Made Into Face Soap


Title: Konjac Made Into Face Soap: A Jelly Ball Does An Amazing Job!

“ How amazing is it that soap is a jelly ball ”

Konjac food, or devil’s tongue, is healthy pure fiber, rich mineral, zero calorie food used in Japanese food. In Japan, people trying to lose weight eat it to fill their stomachs for a healthy diet. Now, jelly-like texture of devil’s tongue is being used in a different way. Company Konnyac Shabon used it for making soap!

When you think about soap, it is either a hard solid as they say a “bar of soap” or liquid used with soap dispensers. But devil’s tongue soap is jelly-like, so it bounces back when putting a finger on it. It is a soap used for facial cleansing. How amazing is it that soap is a jelly ball?! They come in different color (smell) and even local limited editions are available. (For example, Kyoto store sells konjac soap with gold leaf and pearl extract. Kamakura store sells Japanese cedar smell with gold leaf.) Apparently, your skin becomes silky smooth to an extent that users are hooked on it!

Konnyac Shabon’s stores are located in major sightseeing spots across Japan: Kamakura, Kyoto, Tokyo, Yokohama and Asakusa. They are all located in great places to stop by! This konjac soap is talk of the town; really a great souvenir for your friends and family back home.

Check out Japan Marche’s Pinterest board to find photos of the konjac soap written in this blog!

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