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Korokke is one of the most famous Westernised Japanese cuisine which is called “yoshoku.” The name korokke comes from the the word croquette in French. It imitated the French and Dutch style deep-fried croquette and evolved into a unique Japanese cuisine.

Korroke became popular in the Taisho period , in the early 1900’s, when tonkatsu, which is a pork cutlet, and curry rice also became popular as “yoshoku.”

The most popular kind of korokke uses mashed potato patty. The patty will be rolled into flat round shape or flat oval shape, covered with flour, egg, and bread crumbs, and is deep fried. Ground beef is often added to mashed potato, and this is called “gyuniku korokke.”

There are different kinds of patty used to make korokke. Pumpkin is preferred when people want to enjoy sweet taste.“Kani-cream korokke,” is a well known type which uses crab meat and white source as a patty. Gratin korokke, which uses macaroni gratin as a patty, is also popular.

Korokke can be made at home, but it requires many steps, so it is usually sold at many meat stores and supermarkets as a regular delicatessen. One korokke costs about a dollar or less.

Frozen korokke is also popular, and is the most produced frozen food in Japan. The patty and bread crumb coating is prepared, so you only need to deep-fry it until the surface is brown.

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