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Lacquerware Delivered to the Japanese Imperial Household Agency


Japan Marche’s lacquerware is from brand Heiando. Heiando was established by Kohnosuke Yamada in Tokyo. Back in 1919, Tokyo did not have such sophisticated daily tableware so Kohnosuke wanted the people of Tokyo to become accustomed to this fine lacquer ware then popular in Kyoto. Their lacquerware reflects time. Their wish is for the younger generations to be accustomed to lacquerware and to present a new lifestyle through lacquerware.

The company may not have such long history compared to other lacquerware companies from well-known lacquerware producing region, their traditional technique and quality is proven as top class. Their lacquerware has been procured by the Imperial Household Agency.

Lacquerware is a popular gift to newlyweds since it is “difficult to break” compared to earthenware and porcelain tableware. (The word or idea of “breaking” is considered bad luck for newlyweds in Japan since it associates with divorce.) Even if it did break or chip, it can be painted again and used for a long time. When it is used for a long time, the lacquer will achieve an even better gloss.

Don’t hesitate using lacquerware just because it is not familiar to you. There is nothing to worry about then handling Heiando’s lacquerware. Although it should not be washed in a dish washer, you can use regular dish cleanser and sponge to wash them.

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